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Living in new

Living in a new property allows you:

  • to enjoy state-of -the-art comfort

  • to save energy

  • to benefit from tax advantages

  • to benefit from guarantees on the property

EDEN HOME MONTAGNE accompanies you throughout the purchase process.

The new is comfort, conviviality, safety and optimized m2.  

One of the interests of the new is to
take into account our new ways of living in our habitats.
For example, by integrating a good-sized living room with open kitchen and dining area and by separating the day areas from the sleeping areas where the master suite has become the rule with dressing room, bathroom and cupboards..._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
The new is evolving and now includes more and more corners dedicated to IT and teleworking. 
It meets
accessibility standards to adapt to the needs of people with reduced mobility. 
Finally, the new programs
anticipate new uses and offer, for example, electrical terminals, home automation, etc.

Small details that change everyday life.

Buying new also means benefiting from
innovative and optimized architectures bringing maximum light into your spaces and promoting bioclimatic design...

In terms of amenities, the choice is yours . Parquet, fitted carpet, tiling, to each his own.
You also decide on
the desired level of connectivity … up to the fully intelligent apartment or house.
The levels of finishes of the landing doors, boxes, garage and accommodation, access via digicode, videophones are the guarantors of
your safety .

No works! With the new, you are quiet for 10 years. You save money . You benefit from fully compliant accommodation without any work to be planned unlike the old ones where energy renovation will very soon become mandatory...
The new is energy savings and the commitment to a preserved world.

New homes must comply with the 2012 thermal regulations (RT 2012). Which means big energy savings for you since you will consume four to five times less than old buildings. Many programs outperform the regulations and show even lower energy consumption. Some achievements are even passive: they are so efficient that they can dispense with heating and air conditioning while offering great comfort.
By choosing a new home
you are committing to a preserved world and you are investing in a property that will be resold more easily and at a better price: successive buyers will be more and more sensitive to energy savings.
The new is to benefit from financial aid for an optimized purchase

Substantial financial aid is granted in the context of a new purchase:

The PTZ. If you are buying your main residence for the first time, the PTZ allows you to borrow up to €138,000 for free, without paying interest if you respect resource limits (which include 80% of French people)._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Local aid. Many local authorities in the Alps subsidize the purchase of a main residence in new construction. Of course, we identify these subsidies for you. 

Reduced notary fees. The acquisition of a new apartment allows you to benefit from reduced notary fees. They are around 2 to 3% unlike a purchase in the old where the notary fees account for 6 to 7% of the price. 

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Invest in new

Investing in new real estate with EDEN HOME MONTAGNE allows you to benefit from very advantageous tax exemption schemes on quality goods  and from:

  • Reduce your taxes

  • Recovery / VAT 20%

  • Build up your assets

  • Create a pension supplement

  • Protect your family (Death insurance)

EDEN HOME MONTAGNE accompanies you to identify with you and with its expert partners (Agencies, Tax Lawyers, Chartered accountants) all the systems from which you can benefit.

LMNP and Censi-Bouvard
There are several tax systems for an investment in a Non-Professional Furnished Rental Company: the Classic LMNP status, the Micro-BIC regime, and the Censi-Bouvard law.

It is important to understand the specificities before finalizing your LMNP investment.

If your annual rental income is less than €32,600, you come under the Micro-BIC regime, unless you opt for the real regime (the principle is the Micro-BIC regime, the real regime being applied only at the request of your go).

You then benefit from a fixed allowance of 50% on the amount of your rents, so you are only taxed on 50% of the amount of your rents. You cannot deduct any other expenses.
This scheme is interesting if your expenses are less than half of your income, ie when you no longer have any depreciation to deduct.

It should be noted that it is impossible to be taxed under the Micro-BIC regime and to recover the deductible VAT as during an acquisition in a service residence.

If your rental income is greater than €32,900 per year (or if you opt for this option by choice) you are taxed according to the actual regime.

You can then deduct all the charges related to your investment (loan interest, co-ownership charges, property tax, accounting fees, building insurance premium) from your rental income.

You can also deduct the depreciation of your investment on:

5 to 10 years for furniture and equipment.
25 to 40 years for real estate and legal fees.
These depreciations in furnished rentals (which are the big difference compared to de la  classic rental) result in almost or total tax exemption of the rents collected.

In the case of a purchase in residence services you can also recover the VAT paid during the purchase of the good.

Still within the framework of the actual tax system, it is possible to opt for the Censi-Bouvard amendment applied to the LMNP law.
This applies to investors who are buying one or more apartments in a serviced residence (more information on this type of residence here).

The Censi-Bouvard system offers a tax reduction of 11% of the purchase price excluding tax (capped at €300,000), spread over 9 years. The balance of the tax reduction can be carried forward for the following 6 years, in the event of a tax reduction greater than the tax for the year.

For a commitment to keep the property for a period of 20 years, you can recover VAT (up to 20%) on the amount of the acquisition.

A commercial lease binds the investor to the manager of the residence, a rent is therefore collected for the entire duration of the lease, at least equal to 9 years. The manager will be responsible for the rental and management of the property, offering a certain peace of mind to the investor.


The acquisition of a new apartment allows you to benefit from reduced notary fees. They are around 2 to 3% unlike a purchase in the old where the notary fees account for 6 to 7% of the price.

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